I am the type to really spend quite a lot of money on KPOP concerts, I’ve been to 4 KPOP concerts here in Manila and I make sure I get the best seats. When I heard about the BEAST concert, I LITERALLY STOPPED AND JUST STARED AT THE AD. I was so excited to watch, I never thought this day would come!

I’ve been a fan of BEAST since Bad Girl, I was in my 4th year high school  (2010) when I started listening them. I never got to attend their mall shows here in Manila, I’m not quite sure when it happened but it did happen during their debut year I think. I was so desperate for them to come back here that I would sign the petitions made by BEAST PH.

 I am so happy that they finally decided to come visit Manila for a fanmeet. Took me awhile to decided which seats to purchase because I wasn’t sure if I was going with a friend or alone. The day before the event, one of my closest high school friends Ica finally decided to join me, thanks to my boyfriend who got her a ticket!

All along I was thinking that it’s gonna be a normal concert but HECK NO THEY HAD LUCKY FANS COME UP THE STAGE! What surprised me though is that not much people were there. I was thinking, maybe it’s because it’s not a full blown concert? They had a few number of songs, the oldest being Beautiful Night. (I was hoping that they’d perfom 니가 제일 좋아 but they didn’t huhuh) Unaware of Hyunseung’s current issues, I didn’t know that he was gonna be absent! Would’ve been nice to hear his high notes! Nevertheless, the show was really fun.
I never thought that I’d see my bias Lee Gikwang in flesh!!! Ica and I have been fans of BEAST since we were in high school (We’re now college graduates). It was such a fun evening filled with memories and just pure fangirl-ing! We were so jealous of the girls who got to go on stage or even just go near the stage.
My favorite moments:
  •  Dongwoon talking about Sta. Rosa
  • Them playing that soccer ball game
  • Gikwang talking to the fans
Hearing 10 songs wasn’t enough!!! They should really come back for a full show because I wanna hear their old songs live as well. If they do ever come back, I’ll purchase front row seats!!!
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