I met Morissette over a year ago, my boss back then sent me to Solaire to dress up Mowie for her show with other amazing singers. I got to be part of her glam team for almost a year. It wasn’t so hard though to get along with her, since our age isn’t that much far apart. She’s very bubbly and talkative, it helped a lot for us to get along well and know each other more.



ON MOWIE: Top from Desino Dulce

 I enjoyed dressing her up cause I had a lot of freedom when it comes to the pegs. The hard part would probably be her corporate events. You would just always have this feeling that you wanna give her the best gown she can wear and I kid you not, IT IS NOT EASY TO LOOK FOR A GOWN WITH SPECIFIC DETAIL REQUIREMENTS. My goal then was to make all her outfits as amazing as her voice!  Well if you haven’t heard her voice then I suggest you search her up on Youtube cause this girl is phenomenal. I would always have fun with her cause she’s the type of person who you can talk to about anything. My boss even thought that I was exerting extra effort on her more than our other celebrity clients, it might be true but it is likely for the reason that it’s very easy to please her with clothing options and I was very thankful for that.


Romper from Kaye Morales

I like making Mowie wear outfits that are very young and hip. Her outfits would probably go from Demi Lovato to Ariana Grande, depending on what song she’ll be singing.  When I would get clothes for her, I would always consider colors that are very bright and playful (unless the requirement is black/white). She’s one of the first bunch of celebrities I got to work with in my first year of styling, so I got to experiment on clothes a lot with her.


Jumpsuit from HYBRID PH


Dress from Eric Delos Santos


Skirt from Ryan Madamba

 For the 10 months I got to work with her, I had minimal problems on dressing her up. I grew a lot in styling after my experience of working for her. The variety of requirements was a big challenge but I never gave up on the job cause I eventually learned to love it and I was eager every single day to go to work despite the stress, MAJOR STRESS.

Seeing fans commend her outfits removes all the stress. Above everything else, what makes it worth all the effort is seeing your client extremely happy and confident because of her outfit.

*Featured photo from

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