Sitti was my first ever celebrity encounter as a junior stylist. Our first ever meeting was when my boss sent me to SM Aura to meet her and hand her pre-styled clothes for her event that day.  I was excited and nervous at the same time cause I realized that it was the start of my journey as a stylist for well known people. Being a junior stylist is very hard, well being a stylist in general is actually hard, whether you’re a junior stylist or a senior stylist.


Top and Skirt from Apartment8

My boss then had a specific look for Sitti that we always followed. The goal was to follow Victoria Beckham, only a little younger and sweeter. So maybe like, Lauren Conrad? It wasn’t so hard to style Sitti cause she’s not choosey with the clothes, she trusted us a lot. Also because my boss then is her best friend for the longest time so no wonder the big trust.


 Dress from Eric Delos Santos

Just like Morissette, Sitti also has a lot of corporate events plus a lot of wedding gigs so most of the time her requirements are formal dresses with specific colors or details. After awhile getting gowns didn’t get as hard as it was on my first month, it’s just a matter of collecting sources. You just have to be aware of the different local designers we have here. If you know your local fashion designers, you would know where to go.


Dress from Apartment8
image Dress from Eric Delos Santos


The last time I worked with Sitti was during her album launch in Eastwood. Working with her was really fun cause as a stylist newbie, she was very nice to me. She had minimal problems with me (I think HAHAH), very appreciative as well. She’s very graceful and gentle. The way she sings truly matches the way she is.

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