Descendants of the Sun just released their last special episode a couple of weeks ago, I am definitely feeling a lot of separation anxiety. I was wishing that they’d extend until episode 21, it was definitely worth all that days of wait for each episode. Such an amazing comeback for Song Joongki! I have been a fan since the series Obstetrics and Gynecology where he was just a supporting actor. I am a proud fan. Here are some of my favorite moments from the series and trust me it is so hard to choose!!!



GIF by yoo-sijin.tumblr.com

 1. Seo De Yeong and Yoo Si Jin having a date with their stuffed animals. 

This is probably one of the cutest scenes they have in the series. Given that they’re soldiers, these kinds of roles are usually portrayed as people who are cold and tough, but this scene just showed an adorable side to them.

2. Their first date.

That day when Yoo Si Jin picked her up 2 hours early was so funny, cause who wouldn’t panic if your date picks you up earlier than agreed? It was so sweet of him though that he still called her beautiful without make up. In addition to that, adorable Kang Mo Yeon’s shampoo incident where her water got cut off while she was washing her hair was so stressful but thank god she had some bottles of water in her fridge. I loved how Song Joongki’s character would always pick on her and make fun of her whenever he could.


GIF by kdramacreams.tumblr.com

 3. Yoo Si Jin’s workout scene

This scene only happened once but it was talked about so much alongside with his shower scene cause of Song Joong Ki’s body! Kudos to Kim Jong Kook for a job well done training him!


GIF by beautyandthebigboss.tumblr.com

 3. Their first kiss.

This first kiss over red wine was really something. I like how Yoo Si Jin was aggressive in the scene, such a manly move to make. My fangirl heart was aching though LOL but props to Song Joongki for good acting in this scene.


GIF by kdramacreams.tumblr.com

 4. Kang Mo Yeon car accident.

Okay, this scene was pretty intense. Like I didn’t know how things were gonna turn out. I didn’t even expect the car to go down the cliff. I think at this point of the series, Song Joong Ki has levelled up his character. No wonder women around the world are falling in love with him. Yoo Si Jin in this scene was seriously like a superhero. He was really brave and how could he just laugh about it in the end right??? Poor Kang Mo Yeon who couldn’t keep up with her boyfriend’s toughness.


GIF by arentwejustoutlaws.tumblr.com

 5. Kang Mo Yeon’s broadcasted confession.

For any girl, who wouldn’t feel embarrassed about this? Good thing this incident happened though because Yoo Si Jin finally knows that Kang Mo Yeon had feelings for him. Yoo Si Jin’s expression though!!! Then again, such good acting from Song Joong Ki! He looked so charming and his facial expressions are just the cutest.


 6. The box sent by girls from their previous blind date

This scene was extremely funny. Especially when they were already explaining everything and what ever they said just didn’t match at all.


GIF by feil1effect.tumblr.com

 7. Yoo Si Jin’s not so great escape.

In this scene, Yoo Si Jin was kept in the hospital to get cured from his previous injury but of course, being himself, he had to sneak out of the hospital for a secret mission. His best friend Seo De Yeong then helped him when he got back from the mission. Funny how both tried to act like Seo De Yeong was just visiting him in the hospital but Kang Mo Yeon found out that Yoo Si Jin left anyway.


Both GIF by descendants-of-the-sun.tumblr.com

 8. Coming back from the “dead”. 

The saddest part of the series was when everyone thought they both died. It was so sad, you can feel the sadness felt by Kang Mo Yeon and Yoon Myeong Ju. It felt like as if they were widowed wives. From when Yoo Si Jin said good bye to her before he went to the mission, I was already crying a lot. I guess I’m really a fan of this couple.

When Yoo Si Jin and Seo De Yeong came back I felt so bad for the two girls, that they had to go through all that sorrow which even lasted for a year. I guess better than them being really dead. So much build up of emotions for this episode.


GIF by walnutsandbean.tumblr.com

 9. The fan boy moment of the soldiers

Okay, this must be my most favorite scene out of them all. Look at Seo De Yeong! JUST LOOK AT HIM.


GIF by irrational-obsessions-gottcha78.tumblr.com

 10. Happily ever after!

The ending of the series was so beautiful. Seeing Yoo Si Jin and Kang Mo Yeon finally going on normal dates was the best thing in the world. I just can’t help but fall for Song Joong Ki acting all charming and flirty! It’s too much for my ovaries, I can’t handle this anymore!!!!!!

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