Inside Showbiz October 2015 issue is very special to me, it’s the first magazine that featured me as a stylist. For that issue, Alden Richards graced the cover and I was lucky enough that I was part of his glam team for that shoot. I was working with one of my favorite people in the world, Kelly Medina!!

For this shoot, Kelly and I prepped a lot. Our wardrobe for Alden were all planned weeks before the shoot, the brands we worked around with were Topman, Mango H.E., River Island, Burton Meanswear, Cole Haan, and etc. It was a fun shoot for us too because at that time we were also dressing up Alden for his weekly hosting in Eat Bulaga so it was just like an extended day for us to hangout.


For some reason, I think I love magazine shoots more than live/taped shows. It’s a lot more calm and most of the time, organized. Music Videos are probably my least favorite to shoot and also commercials. For this shoot though, there was a lot of pressure for me. Alden’s career was climbing up to its peak, I just think that he deserved to look his best all the time.

The shoot went by quickly, everyone was very professional. For five layouts we finished everything in a span of 3 hours I think. As always, it was fun! It’s always fun working with Alden, especially when Sam and Tenten are there as well. They all joke a lot, so it sort of just relaxes everything.


When this issue got out it was so hard to find a copy!!! I was so annoyed I couldn’t get myself a copy that I asked the shoot’s photographer to save me a copy if he had one. I was glad that he got to save a copy for me. At a young age, I was so happy to have such an achievement. Of course my mother was really happy for me too. It’s really in one of my top 3 achievements as a stylist! Looking at the magazine still makes me proud and happy.




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