Some of you probably know that I was part of a TV show back in 2014 called I Am Meg. It was actually a competition more than anything else, something like America’s Next Top Model, the goal was to fight your way up to be the next cover girl of Meg magazine. We used to tape once or twice a week every month but each taping was not easy at cause we had eliminations almost every episode.

L-R: Bea Fernandez, Cher Lui Pio, Adi Amor, Clarice Rowan, me, Desiree Manalastas, Angel Yeo, and Chesca Opoc

I made the cut off to top 15 then got eliminated at top 8. This experience was one of the best things that ever happened in my life. I met new friends, big names, and little did I know also a future boss. Our taping consisted of different challenges per day, most of the time it was modelling.


First episode was an introductory episode for us. Our first challenge was to have our own hashtag that defines who we are. We were all surprised that on the very first episode, they eliminated someone already, this reminded us that we were really in a competition so we had to look our best all the time. My least favorite episode was our third, that was when we had the acting workshop and a challenge as well. I was so nervous cause I am not so confident with my acting, I even almost got eliminated. Skipping to the day I got eliminated, it was such a dramatic exit for me. Of course I cried like a baby, it’s all in the past now though, seeing my last episode just makes me laugh and cringe (HAHAHA).


The best part of being in this competition is that, you learn more about yourself. I didn’t event think that I can actually model, act, and etc. The show also made me even more confident than I ever was about myself. It was also my first time to have my hair cut off. My whole stay in the show was so fun and very memorable. I’m glad and proud that I was chosen to be part of this.

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