No, I wasn’t the best style apprentice there was when I applied for Team Rain x Em but I am happy that they trusted me to be part of their style team. The best part of being in their team is that every member is a team player and this is very important in every style team.


Black cropped top from Rhipes Backyard

 One of the biggest opportunities that Team Rain x Em gave me would be working with the highest of highest in the hierarchy of Filipino celebrities. I felt very fortunate to be able to work with one of the Philippines’  biggest celebrity style icons, Julia Barretto.


I was guided well by Rain Dagala and Em Millan during the months that I worked with them. They had their vision for each celebrity client they had. When we’re planning for Julia, we’re talking about bajillions of pegs and I think that makes them the best in their field. My experience on working with Julia was mostly during her ASAP20 appearances and her promotions for her drama ‘And I Love You So’.


Dress by Yang Bautista

imageInner Midnight Blue top by Con Cordeta

imageDress by John Rufo

What I love most about Julia is that, everything looks glamorous on her. You can put together the most unique coordinates but there’s no fail that she will pull it off. It’s truly amazing how she carries her outfits, I think that she’s capable of making the simplest clothing combos look extraordinary.

The team made sure that all her outfits would beat trends. Experimenting is a favorite! Our head stylists, Rain and Em, would always have a good eye on mix and matching clothes. It was a big challenge for me but it was also a huge learning experience.

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