There are a lot of times when I can’t make up my mind on what to wear and so I tend to search through the internet for some inspirational pegs that I can follow. Most of my style icons are KPOP idols,  I think 85% of the people I follow for fashion trends are Korean. For this blog entry, I thought of coming up with a list of people who I think are highly influential when it comes to fashion. You will notice though that my list consists of KPOP girl group members who stand at least 5’4″ in height. I try to stay away from idols who are super tall with long legs because that’s not really my body type. My height is pretty average so I can’t possibly pull off outfits the way they do.
Tiffany Hwang - Tiffay

Tiffany Photo 1 from
Tiffany Photo 2 from Pink ButterflyTT
Tiffany Photo 3 from

Tiffany is known for wearing a lot of skirts and mostly very feminine outfits. In my observation, she stays with a lot bright and colorful outfits which suits her well. She does wear a lot of Pink as well because it’s her favorite color. So if you’re planning to wear something that is feminine, perfect for Spring season, you might want to go and check out Tiffany’s OOTDs on the internet.

Kim Hyuna


Hyuna Photo 1 from My First Kiss
Hyuna Photo 2 from
Hyuna Photo 3 from

I can honestly see that Hyuna’s style is 99% close to mine. When she’s not in front of the camera, you see how she wears her clothes on a personal aspect. I would describe it as boyish and grunge but there’s always a sexy detail to it. She also dresses up perfectly well considering her height; she manages to elongate her legs with her choice of outfits.



Nana Photo 1 from Google Images
Nana Photo 2 from
Nana Photo 3 from Google Images

Nana is the tallest one out of all the girls in this list. I love how she puts together the most unique pieces and make them all work together. I try not to get style ideas from her all the time because her body shape is very far from mine, whatever she wears might not always work with my body type but there’s a lot of her outfits that can be pulled off by an average height girl.

Jessica Jung/Krystal Jung


Photo 1 from Google Images
Photo 2 from Google Images
Photo 3 from Google Images

I am a huge fan of them! They have the same vibe with the Olsen twins but I think these girls experiment more than the twins do cause these girls don’t stick to just grunge. I personally love the way the Jung sisters pull off an everyday corporate look. Their personal fashion style is very different on how their stylists dress them up on television. The only difference Krystal has from Jessica is that you’ll probably spot Krystal wearing more sneakers than heels. She actually previously mentioned in one of her interviews that she really dislikes wearing heels.

Sandara Park


Sandara Photo 1 from
Sandara Photo 2 from
Sandara Photo 3 from Wstarnews

At a press conference, I learned that  Sandara’s personal style right now is from the influence of her stylist. She learned that wearing mens clothes actually suits her and looks good on her perfectly. She’s usually spotted wearing brands that I love which are Moschino and Jeremy Scott.  Most of the time, she would wear oversized shirts or any sporty look. I personally think that Sandara’s style can get too extreme in character so I don’t follow her style all the time but her casual choices are beyond amazing.

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