Taking celebrity styling as a career is not all that glitz and glam, it’s actually a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. LITERALLY. You need to have immediate solutions to sudden problems, and usually problems arise from unplanned guestings or events. As a stylist, you must must must know your resources by heart, especially when there are specific outfit requirements for your artists. That’s why it helps a lot when you know your brands and designers well; you would know where to go if you’re looking for a specific outfit. In my experience, it’s always better to have a list of go to brands or designers, they will make your life extra easier.

A common source of stress for me before was ASAP and Eat Bulaga! ASAP because we usually get to know outfit requirements on Fridays or Saturdays and some brands don’t allow pullouts on weekends, so we’re very limited on few brands and designers. My problem with Eat Bulaga was I needed to have a weeks’ worth of outfits every Sunday because I would assist in dressing up Alden from Mondays to Saturdays.

I really needed to know which brands or designers were flexible with time and I had my favorite brands to pullout from and one of which was Versace Jeans. I learned about Versace Jeans through my friend, Luke Jickain. What I love most about Versace Jeans is the wide range of selection they have. I can rely a lot on them for having basics as well as anything to wear for show.

Sam: Inner top and Jacket from Versace Jeans; Yeng: Top from Versace Jeans; Alden: Top from Versace Jeans; Jolina: Dress from Versace Jeans



It is also very rare of high end brands to allow pullout of clothes for show. This is also another reason why I love Versace Jeans. Even though it’s quite an effort to pullout from them, I still find it worth all the effort since I can avail the clothes within the same day. Opportunities like this allow me to efficiently work as a stylist and it’s something I’ve learned along the way. You always have to think fast, work fast, know your options well, and work coordinated.

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