I am alive!!! After a couple of weeks of hiatus, I finally found the time to write again. The past weeks have been really busy for me, I have been preparing for my new work and have been doing a lot of research as well. Soon, I will be talking about which company I am part of now and what I currently do full time. Anyway, I have been carefully watching W, Uncontrollably Fond, and Doctors, all I can say is that I am amazed by how these celebrities are taking things to the next level with their acting. I would like to discuss though the ups and downs of each series. There have been issues about some of these series having inconsistencies, disappointments, and more. If I were to rate the three series, I would place Doctors on the top, second would be W, then last place would be Uncontrollably Fond but putting Uncontrollably Fond last doesn’t mean it sucks, there are just some issues with the characters that I will be discussing later on.


What I love:

I love the plot of Doctors, Yoo Hye Jung is really cool, she’s one tough lady, and it really beats the usually weak and dumb lead charater women that some Korean dramas actually have. Yoo Hye Jung was neglected by her parents when she was in high school, so she had to stay with her grandmother. I was really touched with Hye Jung’s closeness to her grandmother, because personally I was raised by my grandmother since my mom had fly out of the country for work. Anyway, I cried so many times between episodes 1 – 14, I don’t know why but for this series, when someone dies, it’s always extremely sad. I guess it’s just also the build up of emotions until that scene where the person actually dies. I give a thumbs up for the flow of the drama, everything goes by smoothly. Can I just say Yoon Kyun Sang is such a babe!!!! I love watching him in this drama, I find him really adorable.

What I don’t like:

Okay, this is one is a personal opinion, I don’t really like Kim Rae Won (Dr. Hong Ji Hong). In some episodes, I get bothered by his teeth and also there’s just something about him that I just don’t like. I want to see  more of Yoon Kyun Sang (Dr. Jung Yoon Do) together with Yoo Hye Jung, maybe it would have been better if they fell in love first before Hong Ji Hong came back from the US in the early episodes. Which will make things even more awkward and it would have been a good plot as well. Aside from Yoo Hye Jung’s strong personality, I think it was an easy way to a love life for Hong Ji Hong. It would have been better to see what he could have done to fight for Yoo Hye Jung’s heart, so far he only used his power as the son of a powerful man to help out Yoo Hye Jung and that doesn’t really impress me.


It has only been five episodes so far for W as of today and I’m extremely hooked with this series. I’ve read some reviews and I noticed that some people don’t really get where the plot is going. Some people who wrote about it said that, everything’s going too fast, early kissing scenes, and they even criticized Oh Yeon Joo for saying I love you so many times.

What I love:

I APPROVE OF LEE JONG SUK’S HOTNESS. His cockiness in this series is the just the cherry on top of his good looks, this character really suits him well. I like where the story is headed to. I really find it funny how Oh Yeon Joo would try to escape the comic world by doing plot twists that don’t really end up working. Yes guys, this is where some people misunderstood the story. She wasn’t doing these things because of her feelings for him. It was all because she wanted to go back to her world. As each episode went by we saw that Oh Yeon Joo was starting to feel attracted to Kang Chul but this wasn’t the basis of her actions towards him in most occasions.

What I don’t like:

Watching this series gives you a lot of questions along the way. Maybe it’s because it has only been five episodes? I’m not quite sure. There are things that I want to know, like how does Oh Yeon Joo really get into the comic world? What triggers it? Other than that, the series is fantastic. Kudos to its director!

Uncontrollably Fond

Okay, this drama for me is kind of just a so-so. I mean, it’s kinda mixed up in the beginning, and was quite hard to understand. Although, around episode four it gets all straightened out. Overall, it’s okay. It’s not exciting nor a wow.

What I love:

Perfect acting from Suzy and Kim Woo Bin, I definitely love this pairing. The story made me look forward to each episode because I really want to know what will happen to Shin Joon Young at the same time I also feel bad for his situation. I can say though that I am watching this drama for Kim Woo Bin. I am definitely a fan of his, I’ve watched a number of his dramas and I love how he’s different from the other pretty boys.

What I don’t like:

Why is everyone all connected? It’s too much of a small world, Seoul is so big, it’s crazy how literally all the characters are related to each other somehow. I also think that Shin Joon Young’s mother is too much. It’s been how many years since Shin Joon Young left school to be a celebrity, his mom despises him as if he was some sort of drug addict or something. Her son is successful and he never forgot about her after he got really famous even if she neglects him. She couldn’t even show a little bit of affection when he’s around, such a shame.


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