70 Days in #TeamAldenRichards

I realized that last July marked a year since I first worked with one of the biggest stars of today, which also turned to be a good friend of mine, Richard Faulkerson, otherwise known as, Alden Richards! It was probably one of the greatest opportunities that was given to me as a newbie stylist. It was also a lot of pressure and stress but nevertheless I was having fun doing my job.

July last year I was set to go on a trip to New York, my boss told me about a new client that we were having and will be meeting and dressing up around first week of July but I couldn’t assist him for that day because I was preparing a lot for my trip since I was set to leave then on July 3. While I was in the US, my boss had to hire a temporary style assistant to cover my position. So when I got back, I was very thrilled to start working again after almost a whole month of vacation. I was so glad to see Kelly on my first day in Eat Bulaga! thank god, Kelly was there with me, I was lost and very jetlag. Upon meeting Alden, I remember the first thing I told him, “I’m Trixie, I’m the real style assistant, I just got back from the US.” and then he said “Ahhh!  So you’re the real assistant.”

Putting all the cold ice on the side, Alden, Kelly, and I got along well. I guess it’s also because of the very small age gaps we all have. After a few weeks, Kelly had to focus more on his full time job so it was mostly my boss and I who would be there for Alden. Some of the best parts of being in Alden’s style team are first, everything literally suits him well. Whether it be casual or costume, it just looks good on him! He definitely knows how to carry different styles well. Second, he’s fun to have around. He’s just as playful as he is on television and a lot of people appreciate that kind of attitude especially in early hours or late hours of the day. Third, he trusts his team. He never doubts any outfit given to him, sure he would tell us when the clothing feels uncomfortable but he never gave us a hard time. That’s just three out of the bajillion great things I can say about Alden.

What I liked about his clothing requirements in Eat Bulaga! would be that everything’s really casual. Think of it as matching an outfit to go to the mall or to a family gathering. Of course it can’t be too simple, well he is going on TV. Maybe a splash of color here and there or a mix with minimalist patterns from time to time. Honestly, dressing up guys is way easier than dressing up girls. Most of the time, it’s just finding the right pair of pants, a good top, and a nice pair of shoes.

For those who are curious on why I suddenly stopped posting about Alden, I actually resigned from my boss then around early October. Later that month, I switched to a different style team. I was still bumping into Alden, Tenten, and Sam then and I’m glad that we all got to be good friends even if I have departed from his style team. I’m very happy that AlDub is soaring great heights. It’s been a year since everything and they deserve every blessing they receive for working really hard.

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