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The Stylist Noona is Trixie Waasdorp. She is a Filipina born on August 6, 1993. A graduate of De La Salle University with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in International Studies, major in European Studies. Since fourth year high school she has been a fan of the Korean entertainment industry with the influence of her classmates. Ever since then, she has been very passionate about it to the extent that she learned the Korean language. Her styling career started with her first job as a style assistant for John Lozano and then shifted to the famous style duo, Team Rain x Em. Celebrity styling wasn’t a career she intended to do after graduation but it was an opportunity that allowed her to pursue her love for fashion.

After a little over a year, she finally decided to put up a blog that will include her fan girl life, her travel story around the world, and of course, her styling career.  The Stylist Noona started in April 2016. She wanted a blog title that would reflect her as a person and also give an idea on what it was gonna discuss with just the title itself. A quick explanation would be Stylist because she will be writing about her career as a stylist. Noona, on the other hand, will be the KPOP aspect because it came from the term “Coordi Noona” which is highly used by KPOP idols to call their female superiors who usually have their daily schedules.

Her goals for the blog are (i) to give tips and tricks for those who are currently going for the same career (ii) to share her life as a fan girl since 2010 (iii) to show the wonders of the world through her travels. It is not your typical style blog nor travel blog, but it’s a little bit of everything, just enough to catch your interest.